Code of Practices 2013 – Gujarati

The 2013 Code of Practices was launched in November 2013 after an 18 month multi-stakeholder review process. It is being rolled out during 2014 – visit the RJC Training page for recorded modules on key aspects of the new standard.

Download Gujarati Versions

Capture COP

RJC Code of Practices 2013 – PDF – the mandatory certification standard for RJC Members.

Capture handbook

RJC Certification Handbook 2013 – PDF – an overview of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) System and the requirements for achieving certification.

Capture SG

RJC Standards Guidance 2013 – PDF – Guidance on implementing the Code of Practices in your business.

Capture AM

RJC Assessment Manual 2013 – PDF – Guidance on self assessments and audits for Members and Auditors.

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