Management Team

The RJC Management Team functions as the RJC secretariat, responsible for membership, standards development, communications, auditor accreditation and certification administration.  The team works with the RJC Board, Committees and a wide range of external stakeholders to support the design and implementation of a credible certification program for the jewellery supply chain.


Iris Van der Veken

Executive Director

London, UK


Chinelo Etiaba

Director, Membership Services

London, UK


Maria Mursell

Senior Manager, Member and Stakeholder Training

London, UK

Ged de Meyer

Communications Manager

London, UK

About Iris
Iris is responsible for setting out the mission, vision and values of the RJC, working with its management and Executive Committee to develop and review the direction of the organisation, and establishing stakeholder and industry relationships to promote its objectives.
About Chinelo
Chinelo is responsible for the strategic direction of RJC’s global membership operations including recruitment and retention processes as well as training services. She ensures that members’ expectations are met within the parameters of RJC’s policies, procedures and resources.
About Maria
Maria manages RJC’s member training and support, responding to all queries to the RJC help desk. Maria also manages the mandatory training for RJC accredited auditors. She comes to the RJC with a background in sustainable development evaluations and responsible sourcing. Maria speaks fluent Spanish.
About Ged
Ged manages the RJC’s global internal and external communications efforts, including trade and consumer media relations, events and RJC member communications. Ged also manages the RJC’s social media channels.


Kinjal Shah

Regional Director, India and Middle East

Surat, India

Peter Dawkins

Assistant Manager, Assurance and Standards

London, UK

Bethan Robson-Herbert

Senior Manager, Assurance & Impacts

Bristol, UK

Andrew Cooper

Manager, Standards

Madrid, Spain

About Kinjal
Kinjal is based in India and is responsible for establishing the appeal and relevance of the RJC in the Indian market, a major diamond manufacturing region in the world. His role is to engage with different stakeholders within the industry to create awareness and promote the RJC’s profile to encourage and support RJC membership growth, impact and influence in India.
About Peter
Peter is based in the London office and his role focuses on RJC Assurance and Standards, providing technical support to member, auditors and other RJC stakeholders.
About Bethan
Bethan manages the RJC certification process, including the technical review of audit reports to ensure compliance with the RJC’s certification procedures. She is also responsible for managing RJC’s monitoring & evaluation program, designed to evaluate RJC’s impact in the jewellery supply chain.
About Andrew
Based in Madrid, Andrew is responsible for a number of projects and activities associated with the ongoing standards work the RJC.


Monica Staniaszek

Manager, Assurance

London, UK

George Deslandes

Membership Services Coordinator

London, UK

Brandee Dallow

North America Business Development Lead

New York, USA

Gerald Wynter

Information Technology Operations Manager

London, UK

About Monica
Monica’s role focuses on managing the oversight programme with RJC accredited audit firms, updating the RJC Assessment Manual with the latest audit methodology, managing RJC’s compliance with the ISEAL Assurance Code and facilitating the RJC Assurance Committee.
About George
George is the first point of call for all things related to general membership enquiries, members fees and member on-boarding. If you have any questions about your membership or are interested in becoming a member, please feel free to contact George.
About Brandee
Brandee is based in New York and the RJC’s North America Business Development Lead. Brandee is responsible for raising awareness, profile and membership of the RJC in North America.
About Gerald
Gerald manages all the information technology aspects for RJC including online systems and telecommunications. He supports staff with IT issue resolution and also manages system administration with data compliance. As part of the management team he also assists in defining IT strategy and acts as a technical adviser to the team.



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