Provision 06


6. Human Rights

The 2019 Code of Practices (COP) incorporates the business responsibility to respect from the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. The 2019 COP requires members to:

  • Have a written policy on human rights, endorsed at the highest level of their organisation, to respect human rights within their operations and business relationships, and procedures for implementing the policy in alignment with COP 2 (Policy and implementation) (COP 6.1a)
  • Carry out Human Rights Due Diligence process to identify, prevent, mitigate and account for adverse human rights impacts that are connected to their business (COP 6.1b)
  • Provide for, or support legitimate processes to enable, the remedy of any adverse human rights impacts that they have caused, contributed to or been linked with (COP 6.1c)
  • Communicate annually with stakeholders about their human rights due diligence efforts and remedy activities in accordance with COP 3 (Reporting) (COP 6.1d)

Online Course

The Responsible Jewellery Council has designed a Human Rights Due Diligence toolkit to fulfill the requirements of the Code of Practices for a Human Rights Due Diligence process (COP 6.1b). Training modules on the toolkit and the Human Rights provision have been developed and can be found below.

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