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Top 5 Trends Boosting Growth of Men’s Jewellery Segnment

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The Countdown sees PJ survey the industry’s brightest minds to find a consensus list of the top trending styles, pieces and designs that will translate into sales for jewellers over the coming months. 5) Post-pandemic freedom With international travel now very much on the cards once again, some jewellers and industry experts have noticed that men are looking to get the nomad look. One commenter, Jo McLenaghan, UK brand manager for iXXXi Jewelry, says to PJ: “Necklaces and rings with metal elements that carry a message of globe-trotting tourism are on fire right now.” 4) Flex’it with Fope Jewellery brand Fope’s Flex’it bracelet is a patented spring technology that makes for an unusually – as the name suggests – flexible bracelet. When asked for the most popular trends in men’s jewellery, Giuseppe Marcheluzzo, international sales director at Fope, says: “Flex’it bracelets, of course. They are our bestselling piece of jewellery for a reason and men are discovering the joy of wearing one or even two of them.” 3) The more the merrier And, speaking of wearing multiple pieces, stacking and layering are the next entry on the list. It has been particularly popular among women of late, so why would men not like the style too? Unique & Co founder and director, Daniel Ozel, says: “One of the biggest trends remains the layering and stacking of wristwear.” 2) The humble bracelet On the subject of wristwear, Unique & Co’s Daniel Ozel continues: “Still, bracelets and wristwear are the bestsellers right now.” Given bracelets have already come up a couple of times in this list under other trends, it only made sense that they get a shout-out of their own. 1) Save the planet And, top of the heap this month is the trend for sustainable designs and brands in men’s jewellery. Consumers have really turned a corner on this front in the last couple of years, and now businesses are having to play catch-up. Gecko Jewellery general manager, Ruth Johnson, says: “We have been looking into new trends for men’s jewellery in preparation for our Fred Bennett launch later in the year. We are still seeing a lot of sustainability within men’s jewellery, so we are exploring all kinds of different materials and styles to cater to this demand.”