In Conversation With… Liza Blumental

What does RJC Certification mean for you?

RJC certification not only bestowed upon our Company, Mitchell K., an honor and a distinction shared by few, but also served as a concrete affirmation of our Company values and core philosophy. The rigors of the certification process forced us to scrutinize the entirely of our business practices, both internal and external, and those of our suppliers and business partners to ensure transparency and a shared commitment to do what’s right. RJC Certification ensures that we do not simply accept the status quo but rather commit to always doing better. That commitment to excellence in our craft is what sets us apart.

How important do you feel sustainability and responsible business practices are to the consumer?

We live in a world of interconnectedness and global dependence no longer hampered by geography nor distance. Images, headlines, stories and movements travel at light speed across continents that now no bounds. Consumers, motivated and strengthened by online communities are empowered to take-action; said actions invariably include favoring brands which act responsibly and have a social conscience towards people and our planet. Therefore, as global citizens, in my opinion, consumers in this fully digital age, will continue to seek out companies whose sustainability and responsible business practices best align wither their own personal philosophies.

As an SME, what you would describe some of the biggest challenges and benefits in achieving RJC Certification?

The RJC Certification process for an SME is both challenging and plentifully rewarding at the same time. The biggest challenge facing an SME in this process is being held to the same exact standard as a large multinational conglomerate made up of numerous divisions and departments tasked with small pieces of the “puzzle” backed by unbridled resources. A SME, on the other hand, with more limited resources, (both fiscal and personnel), must quickly and efficiently learn to be more resourceful where team members are not afraid to take on new or different roles, accept wearing multiple hats, and are dedicated to carrying out the same mission. Despite the obvious challenges, the benefits of achieving Certification far outweigh any momentary challenges faced in its process. Among said benefits, is our ability as a SME to state with confidence that we have been audited by an independent third party who has conferred upon us and our practices a seal of approval that we meet and surpass the rigorous standards set for any Jewelry company small or large. Said accomplishment affords our retail partners, our suppliers, and ultimately our consumers, confidence and trust in all we do.

What’s next for Mitchell K?

From its inception, we have strived to create a company and brand that one would be proud to wear and gift. Our collections focus on highly personalized jewelry with each piece as unique as its creator. RJC certification is by no means an end but rather a beginning of a continuous journey for betterment and continuous evolution. In such, we will continue in our efforts to give back to our local and state communities. We will continue to work with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization, dedicated to reforestation as well as providing charitable contributions to our local hospice community. Our collections are not simply fine personalized jewelry, but a celebration of love, life and family. It’s the stories and the people behind every one of our products that motivates us to always do better.

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