A shared ambition through collective responsibility.

UN Global Compact

Transform the world through business Since 2009 RJC is a participant of the UN Global Compact. The ten principles in the areas of human rights,

Sustainable Development Goals

Every business in the jewellery supply chain can contribute to the global agenda Every business in the jewellery and watch supply chain can contribute to

ISEAL Alliance

Foster confidence in our sustainability standards Confidence in our standards is critical to promote trust in our industry. Our Membership Alliance with ISEAL, the global

The Plumb Club

Pioneers, partnerships and progress Founded in 1983 by a small group of distinguished manufacturers as a social club, The Plumb Club has evolved into one

SDGs Task Force

Establishment of an SDG Task Force for RJC At the RJC Board Meeting on December 12th 2019 it was agreed to establish an SDG Task Force