We want to create solutions that include input from every corner of our industry, and beyond

modern governance requires agility

Our governance board helps us build long term organisational stability and is key to our continued ability to drive impactful and transformative change

The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is the trading name of the Council for Responsible Jewellery Practices Ltd. We are a registered not-for-profit (NFP) company with our headquarters registered in the UK. The RJC is governed by a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee. The day-to-day management is delegated to a Senior Management Team headed by an Executive Director.
A clear governance framework ensures operational integrity and maximises impact. The RJC Governance Model helps us to ensure all members are represented and our attention remains focused on the issues that matter most.

board & committee members

As the leading standards authority for responsible jewellery, the RJC seeks to ensure transparent, representative and appropriate governance for its entire membership

We thank our Board and Committee members, past and present, for the efforts and valuable perspective they have contributed to our mission. Full details on how officers and members of the Board and Committees are appointed can be found in the RJC Governance Handbook

  • Dave Meleski
    Chair, Board of Directors

    Melanie Grant
    Executive Director

  • Chair: Dave Meleski (Richline Group)
  • Vice Chair: Edward Asscher
  • Honorary Treasurer: Feriel Zerouki (De Beers Group)
  • Honorary Secretary: Udi Sheintal (World Diamond Council)
  • Philipp Reisert (C. Hafner GmbH + Co. KG)
  • Punit Mehta (DNJ Creation)
  • Deborah Azar (Gemological Science International)
  • Gaetano Cavalieri (CIBJO)
  • Michael Lerche (The Plumb Club)
  • Raj Kumar Jain (Gemstones Corporation)
  • Ankur Goyal (MMTC-PAMP)
  • Arien Gessner (Richline Group)
  • Roger Forman (Marathon Company)
  • Pravin Pattni (Minar Jewellers)
  • Satta Matturi (Matturi Fine Jewellery)
  • Bernadette Pinet Couq (BJOP)
  • Marianne Zani (Chanel)
  • Purvi Shah (De Beers)
  • Naseem Lahri (Lucara Diamonds)
  • Michael Steinmetz (Leo Schachter Diamonds)
  • Colleen Rooney (Signet)
  • Reout Kallati (Kallati Int)
  • Kareena Shahani (IGI India)
  • Rajesh Neelakanta (Sequel Secure Logistics Industries)
  • Heiner Frerichs (Agosi AG)
  • Chair: Dave Meleski {Richline Group)
  • Vice Chair: Edward Asscher
  • Honorary Treasurer: Feriel Zerouki (De Beers Group)
  • Eyal Atzmon (EL-RAN bvba)
  • Ainsley Butler (Building Markets)
  • Purvi Shah (De Beers Group)
  • ChairEyal Atzmon (EL-RAN bvba)
  • Adriaan Olivier (Signet Jewelers Limited)
  • José Abrams (Richline Group Inc.)
  • Ana Garzón, Expert (Textile Exchange)
  • Anne Nistad, Expert (TDi Sustainability)
  • Sönke Fischer, Observer Expert (Assurance Services International – ASI)
  • Joint-Chair (Industry): Purvi Shah (De Beers Group)
  • Joint-Chair (Non-industry): Ainsley Butler (Building Markets)

Committee Members

  • Didier Backaert (Bonas & Co)
  • Noora Jamsheer (Danat)
  • Tehmasp Printer (International Gemological Institute (IGI) India Pvt.Ltd.)
  • Trisevgeni Stavropoulos (Antwerp World Diamond Centre)
  • Ilan Keplan (International Diamond Manufacturers Association IDMA)
  • Phillipe Terrouk (SAAMP)
  • Marie-Charlotte Druesne Chancogne (Chanel)
  • Joelle Ponnelle (Donze Baume)
  • Robin Kolvenbach (Argor-Heraeus SA)
  • Charlene Nemson (Hermes)
  • Siliva Bezzone (Bvlgari Group and LVMH Italia)


Non-Industry Members

  • Jennifer Hillard (Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct / Consumer Interest Alliance Inc)
  • Dr. Laurant Massi (Independent consultant)
  • Sara Yood (Jewelers Vigilance Committee, JVC)
  • Salah Husseini (BSR)
  • Maggie Gabbo (Responsible Minerals Initiative, RBA)
  • Marcin Piersiak (Alliance for Responsible Mining, ARM)
  • Professor Gavin Hilson (Surrey Business School)


Guests of the Standards Committee Members (Guests join in their individual capacity and areas of expertise)

  • Eduard Stefanescu
  • Ebony yeboah-Amankwah
  • Marco Quadri

Committee Meeting Minutes 

agm & annual conference

Without our members change would be impossible 

The RJC Annual Conference and AGM are held every May to provide members and stakeholders, throughout the entire value chain, an opportunity to contribute towards the future direction of the RJC.
Presentations & minutes from previous AGMS:

rjc legal status

The Council for Responsible Jewellery Practices is a private company limited by guarantee with no share capital under the UK Companies Act. It is registered in England and Wales with company number 05449042. In October 2008, the Council adopted the trading name of the Responsible Jewellery Council.