Team & Board

We help our members build a sustainable future.

RJC Team

Melanie Grant
Executive Director
Clara Segon
Operations Director
John Hall
Sara-Louise MacGillivray
Executive Officer
Tess Puerta
Administrator to the Executive Office
Kinjal Shah
Head of Asian Development
Alyssa Fontaine
Head of European Development
Daylia Brown
Senior Membership Engagement Manager
Katina Antoni
Membership Administrator
Hieu Vu
Membership Administrator
Chloe Swindell
Membership Administrator
Michelle Salazar
Credit Controller
Sonnet Dowden
Senior Manager of Digital Projects
Vanessa Glover
IT Operations Co-ordinator
Jasmeet Kaur
Senior ESG and Impacts Manager
Chloe Austin
Assistant ESG and Impacts Manager
Andreea Cojanu-Davidoiu
General Manager - Standards, Assurance and Certification
Suzanne Brooks
Senior Standards Manager
Caroline Watson
Assistant Standards Manager
Charlotte Stanbridge
Assistant Standards and Training Manager
Rachael Morey
Assurance Manager
Marie Ebelebe
Assistant Assurance Manager
Yagmur Masmas
Senior Certification Manager
Samanphy Li
Assistant Certification Manager
Komal Modha
Certification Support Coordinator
Alejandro Molina
Data Entry Coordinator
James French
Assistant Certification Co-ordinator
Isabella Wild
Marketing Communications Manager
Edena Klimenti
Content Creator
Olivia Saunders-Smith
Communications & Public Affairs Coordinator

RJC Board

The RJC is governed by a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee. The day-to-day management is delegated to a Senior Management Team headed by the Executive Director.