India Silver Conference 2023

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RJC is proud to be the official Sustainability Partner and support India Silver Conference as they advance sustainability and champion greater use of silver within technology, research & commercial applications.

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India Silver Conference
28-30 April 2023 | Jaipur, India

Silver is a versatile precious metal with ever-increasing industrial applications in a world moving towards sustainable solutions. Enormous amount of research and development on new silver-based application is happening at some of the progressive refineries, research laboratories and science & technology universities and institutions.

Unlike the rest of the world, where 55% of silver usage is for industrial application, in India only about 15% of silver goes for industrial usage. Thus, India presents a great opportunity for growing silver usage for industrial application. Second, in a post-covid world where people seek safe antimicrobial solutions at home, silverware offers a very unique and effective value-proposition.

There is a huge scope for promoting and broad basing the reach and relevance of silverware now, both in India and abroad. Third, in the minds of consumers in India, the case for silver investment compares poorly vis-à-vis the investment case for gold. This is in part due to lack of awareness, relatively weak communication of investment case in silver. Thankfully, some of innovations such as silver ETF and MCX Bulldex are changing the investment landscape for silver in India.


  • Bring together all the industrial users, producers & bullion suppliers of silver under one platform.
  • To provide a platform for showcasing innovation and R&D in new silver-based application.
  • To provide a platform for innovators to meet investors.
  • To reinforce the investment case in silver and rally for launch of more consumer-driven financial investment products backed by silver.
  • Over a medium term, to develop a vibrant ecosystem for innovation, investments in value-added products, services and solutions out of silver.

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