new chair

Become Chair for the leading sustainability standard-setting organisation for the watch and jewellery industry

nomination & election procedure

Become Chair for the leading sustainability standard setting organisation for the jewellery and watch industry


All RJC member organisations (companies and trade associations) may nominate for election to the role of Chair. The nomination and voting process is managed by the RJCs independent election provider, LUMI.

All members in good standing will receive a unique log-in from LUMI, which will enable access to the LUMI portal, allowing nominating and voting. All members may participate remotely from anywhere in the world. You may self-nominate, or nominate another person. 

key dates


Open on 2 January and close on 26 January


Open on 5 February and close on 29 February


Help drive meaningful change and have a positive impact on people & planet

The Chair of the RJC must be a senior executive of a current RJC member company or an office-bearer of an RJC trade association member. His or her nomination must be supported by and approved by the RJC Board of Directors, prior to the commencement of the election.

Please note: Uncertified members are discouraged from being directors or officers of the Council in order to safeguard the reputation of the Council.

shape the future of our industry

Role Responsibilities

· Chairing all members meetings and Board of Directors meetings

· Providing leadership to the Board

· Responsible for the Board’s development

· Ensuring that the Board receives accurate and timely information

· Planning and conducting Board meetings effectively

· Supporting the Executive Director

The Chair is also ultimately responsible, together with the other Executive Committee members (Vice-Chair, Honorary Secretary & Honorary Treasurer), for the legal compliance and the operational supervision, as agreed by the Board, of the RJC.