RJC Certification System Documents

Document Status Notes
Principles and Code of Practice (2013) Released November 2013 The Principles and Code of Practices defines the Council’s ethical, social, human rights and environmental commitments for RJC Members. The Code of Practices is the standard against which all Commercial Members of the Council are to be certified.Download the Principles and Code of Practices
Certification Handbook (2013) Released November 2013 The Certification Handbook provides an overview of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) System and the requirements for achieving certification.Download the Certification Handbook
Standards Guidance (2013) Released November 2013 The Standards Guidance provides general information and advice for Members and Auditors about the standards in the RJC’s Code of Practices.Download the Standards Guidance
Assessment Manual (2013) Released November 2013 The Assessment Manual contains instructions for Members and Auditors on how to complete Self Assessments (Members) and Verification Assessments (Auditors).Download the Assessment Manual
Assessment Questions (2013) Released November 2013 A set of questions designed to assess a Member’s performance against the Code of Practices and its Provisions. Members and Auditors use the same Assessment Questions.Download the Assessment Questions
Assessment Workbook – Excel (2013) Released November 2013 The RJC Assessment Workbook (Excel) provides Members with the Assessment Questions laid out in Excel spreadsheets for the use of Members and Auditors, with additional prompts and guidance on Objective Evidence. The Excel version of the Workbook automatically identifies relevant questions for the industry sectors Members are involved in, and includes a worksheet that compiles a summary of the findings. The workbook has macros, which when used, removes those provisions and associated questions not applicable for the Member Forum. When you open the document please enable macros and then on the questions tab select “List Relevant Requirements Only”.
Download the Assessment Workbook

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