Code of Practices Certification

RJC Code of Practices Certification provides evidence of responsible business practices which can be communicated to suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.

Certification against the RJC Code of Practices is compulsory for all RJC Commercial Members within two years of joining RJC. Each RJC Member’s Certification status can be found via the Member page.

The 2013 Code of Practices was launched in November 2013 after an 18 month multi-stakeholder review process. It will be rolled out to Members during 2014.  See below for more information on the transition period.


What’s new in the 2013 Code of Practices

For an overview of changes see the following video:


Or download a copy of the slides:  RJC Code of Practices 2013 – Overview of Changes

RJC Overview of COP 2013 Changes Document

Download the COP Standard, Guidance and Tools

The Code of Practices is supported by a range of Guidance and tools for implementation. Find these in your language in the table below.


Code of Practices 2013

The RJC has management and control of all official translations. The official language of the RJC is English. In case of inconsistencies between the version English and any translated version, the English version will prevail. Please refer to the latest English version available on this website using the link below, for reference.

Valid from November 2013

download English 2013
france-flag French 2013 
italy-flag Italian 2013
gujarati-flag-300x200 Gujarati 2013
Chinese Flag-small Chinese – Simplified 2013
Spain_flag Spanish 2013
portugal-flag-194-p Portuguese 2013

The 2009 COP is no longer available. They have upgraded and replaced by the 2013 COP. If you have enquiries please contact:

Timelines for Certification

Businesses may begin the Self-Assessments at any time, in preparation for third party auditing. Companies that join the RJC are required to undergo independent verification within two years of becoming Members.

RJC Commercial Member Certification Deadline – Extension Policy

To allow for situations where Members could not meet their certification deadlines due to extenuating circumstances, such as where issues have been encountered preventing the timely scheduling of audits, the RJC has developed an Extension Policy. The Extension Policy has strict criteria in place and is assessed on a case-by-case basis. As the RJC does not see Self Assessments, any application for a short extension to the deadline requires the support of the Member’s chosen RJC Accredited Auditor. Extension Request Forms can be lodged by Members to the RJC within 3 months prior to, and no later than 2 weeks prior to, their Certification Deadline.

If an extension is granted the Member’s listing the RJC’s website will state ” Extension granted to achieve Certification by [date].”

Please note that the extension is not an extension of your current certification which has a fixed term, it is an extension of your RJC membership beyond your certification deadline. Only members with current certifications are listed on the Certified Member list. If certification is not achieved by the expiry of the extension period, RJC disciplinary proceedings will commence with possible consequences for the company’s continued RJC Membership.

For more information, please contact Chinelo Etiaba, Manager, Member Relations at

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