Your pathway to a sustainable business.

Find an Auditor

Independent audits build trust and confidence in your certification RJC certification programmes are independently verified to maintain their credibility. Impartial and consistent auditing reassures RJC

Code of Practices 2019

Your pathway to responsible business practices Certification is the bridge between standards and impact – they help you transform your management practices into measurable action.

Code of Practices 2013

Your pathway to responsible business practices Due to the increasing risks of the COVID-19 virus and the extensive travel restrictions, the RJC is providing temporary

Chain of Custody 2017

Confidence from end-to-end Transparency and trust go hand in hand in the jewellery and watch industry. RJC Chain of Custody certification gives your customers and


Assurance influences the quality of trust Our assurance system builds trust in our sustainability standards. Through our certification we ensure our members operate their business

Standards Development & Harmonisation

Keep standards relevant and meaningful Our inclusive and collaborative approach to standard setting and development keeps RJC standards relevant and meaningful to businesses throughout the