RJC Standards Committee

The RJC Standards Committee is a multi-stakeholder group of 26, bringing jewellery supply chain mine to retail, human rights, labour rights, artisanal mining, responsible sourcing, community development, biodiversity and product disclosure expertise.


Committee Responsibilities and Duties

The RJC Standards Committee reviews and make recommendations on:

  • the design, implementation and continuous improvement of RJC Certification;
  • proposed changes to RJC Certification;
  • proposed changes to the formal documentation for RJC Certification, including assessment tools and treatment of non-conformances;
  • RJC’s Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) program;
  • the expansion of RJC Certification to other jewellery products and forms of assurance.

The Standards Committee also provides policy advice on the consultation and engagement of stakeholders during standards development activities.  The Committee’s full terms of reference are laid out in the RJC Governance Handbook.



The RJC Standards Committee comprises up to 14 elected RJC Member representatives, two from each Member Forum, and up to 12 external participants from NGOs, related standards organisations and other experts.  We are grateful for the time and valuable contributions of all Standards Committee participants.

  • Didier Backaert, Consultant, Bonas & Co
  • David Bouffard, Vice President, Signet Corporate Affairs, Signet Jewelers Ltd.
  • Eva Carlson, Director, Global Ethics and Corporate Compliance, Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
  • Marylyn Carrigan, Professor of Marketing at Coventry University and Co-Director of the Centre for Business in Society (CBiS)
  • Assheton Stewart Carter, Senior Vice President, Global Engagement, Equitable Origin
  • Fatima Castelan, CEO and Founder of Fatima Castelan
  • Stéphane Fischler, Treasurer, International Diamond Manufacturers Association
  • Cecilia Gardner, President, CEO and General Counsel, Jewelers Vigilance Committee
  • Jonathan (Jon) Hobbs, International Director (Extractives Sector), WWF International
  • Wilfried Horner, Associate & Director, Argor-Heraeus
  • Jennifer Horning, International Programme Coordinator, Gold, Solidaridad
  • Felix Hruschka, Standards Coordinator, Alliance for Responsible Mining
  • Philip Hunter, Programme Director Forced Labour & Human Trafficking, Verité
  • John Lee, Metal Control Manager Americas, Metalor Technologies USA Corporation
  • Estelle Levin , Director, Estelle Levin Ltd (Development Consultancy)
  • Alan Martin, Research Director – Directeur de Recherche, Partnership Africa Canada – Partenariat Afrique Canada
  • Steven Oates, SAI Senior Advisor, Labor Standards, Social Accountability International
  • Angelo Palmieri, Vice President, COO, GCAL, Inc.
  • Claus Teilmann Petersen, Vice President, Group CSR, PANDORA Jewellery
  • Susan Thea Posnock, Director Public Affairs, Jewellers of America
  • Marianna Smirnova, Program Specialist, Labor Practices & Human Rights, UL Responsible Sourcing
  • Ryan Taylor, Chief Designer & Co-founder, The Fair Trade Jewellery Co.
  • Hiren Vepari, Business Development, Venus Jewel
  • Feriel Zerouki, Best Practice Principles Manager, De Beers Group of Companies

Download a PDF of Committee names and biographical information for the RJC Standards Committee 2015


Standards Committee minutes

From 2012, minutes of Standards Committee meetings will be published on the RJC website after acceptance at the subsequent meeting.


Inquiries to consultation@responsiblejewellery.com or see the Contact Us page for other contact details.

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