SDGs Task Force

Establishment of an SDG Task Force for RJC

At the RJC Board Meeting on December 12th 2019 it was agreed to establish an SDG Task Force for the RJC.

Board Members reaffirmed the importance of a clear role for integrating the SDG framework in its governance structure, and aligning the Task Force’s activities with the Board’s Strategic Direction. The Task Force will be Co-Chaired by a Business Member Company. The members of the SDG Taskforce will represent a multi-stakeholder platform and will reflect the jewellery value chain. The members of the SDG Taskforce should commit to voluntarily reporting on how they are progressing implementation of the SDGs.

Partnerships for the 2030 agenda is the only way forward.

Objectives of the SDGs Task Force

To serve as an action platform for (i) coordination of efforts by various stakeholders for achievement of targets of SDGs related to the implementation of the Code of Practices in the Jewellery Industry; (ii) input
into the RJC Theory of Change; and (iii) serve as a guide/framework for the wider watch and jewellery, gemstones and precious materials industries to implement and report on the SDGs.

The SDG Task Force will:

  • establish an action SDG Platform Program
  • launch a global library of best practices on the SDGs implementation
  • provide an action platform of international organisations that can join the program as partners
  • build a reporting framework of ESG indicators to support the RJC members to measure progress and voluntarily report on their contributions to the SDGs while implementing the COP
  • function as a think-tank for a new collaborative project on SDG implementation
  • report regularly about the progress made through the Annual RJC Progress Report.