Assurance Framework

RJC’s Certification programs commenced operation in 2009, and in 2013 RJC completed a major review of its core standard, the Code of Practices along with the accompanying assessment framework.  To see an overview of the changes that were made during the 2013 revision, see this online Training Module.

The RJC Assessment Manual is the key document that sets out the overall structure of the assurance framework in a transparent manner for all stakeholders. The Manual provides guidance on the assessment procedures supporting RJC Certification, as well as instruction and guidance on:
• The process for achieving RJC Certification
• How a Member performs a Self Assessment
• How Auditors conduct independent third party audits
• The principles for conducting effective assessments so as to drive continual improvement.
It is a requirement that the Assessment Manual be used by all RJC Members and RJC Accredited Auditors when carrying out activities and responsibilities associated with RJC Certification.

Capture ASRJC’s work in this area is governed by the ISEAL Code of Good Practice for Assuring Compliance with Social and Environment Standards (“Assurance Code”).  RJC is a full member of the ISEAL Alliance and commits to compliance with its Codes.

The RJC Assurance System Report has been submitted to the ISEAL Alliance in August 2014 as part of RJC compliance with requirements as a full ISEAL Alliance Member.  It gives an overview into the current design and operation of RJC’s assurance process and provides technical detail on RJC’s approach to interested stakeholders, as well as further plans for increasing effectiveness and enhancing good practice.






Assurance Code Report 2015 Cover

In August 2015, the Responsible Jewellery Council submitted this RJC Assurance Code System Report 2015 as part of our compliance requirements.









assurance-code-report-2016-cover-1In August 2016, the Responsible Jewellery Council submitted this RJC Assurance Code System Report 2016 as part of our compliance requirements.









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RJC Accreditation and Certification Committee

Responsibilities and Duties

The RJC Accreditation and Certification Committee works to provide guidance and where appropriate assist in the development of:

  • policies and procedures relating to the impartiality of activities that involve the operation of the RJC System;
  • criteria for accrediting auditors;
  • terms and conditions to apply to accredited auditors; and
  • quality control methods and procedures for auditors.

Further, the Committee works to

  1. Provide guidance in the management of relationships between the RJC and accredited auditors to ensure independence and impartiality.
  2. Provide technical advice to the Executive Director and the Management Team on matters relating to auditing and accreditation.
  3. Provide guidance and where appropriate assist in the development of policies, processes and procedures relating to certification of Members, to ensure consistency, impartiality and protection of confidential information.
  4. Monitor representations of RJC certification by third parties and recommend courses of action to prevent misrepresentations.
  5. Conduct, with the support of the Management Team, and/or by a person engaged by the Management Team, an annual review of the impartiality of the decision-making processes relating to the operation of the RJC System. Results will be reported to the Executive Committee and, through the Executive Committee, to the Board.


The RJC Accreditation and Certification Committee comprises up to 14 elected RJC Member representatives, two from each Member Forum.  We are grateful for the time and valuable contributions of all Accreditation and Certification Committee participants.

Jon Phillips, Divisional Manager – Canadian Diamonds, Corona Jewellery Company Ltd (Chairperson)

Charles Chaussepied, Directeur, Piaget

Damian Gagnon, Corporate Compliance and Social Responsibility Officer, Lazare Zaplan International Inc.

Simone Knobloch, COO, Valcambi SA

Jaqueline Mayor-Meylan, Head of Compliance, PAMP SA

Purvi Shah, Social Performance Manager, De Beers Group of Companies

Enrico Vigolo, Industrial Director, Mattioli Spa

Ronald Ng, Officer, CTF Diamond Trading Co Ltd

Nathalie Huerliman, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Van Cleefs and Arpel

Sandrine Marcot, Deputy PrésidentUnion de Bijouteriede Horlogerie (BJOP)

Chintan Mehta, Executive Assistance to M.D., International Gemological Institute (India) Pvt. Ltd


Download a PDF of Committee names and biographical information for the RJC Accreditation and Certification Committee Biographies 2016

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