In Conversation With… Hayley Henning

Hayley Henning – CCO – Greenland Ruby.

You have recently become certified against RJC’s COP – why was it important for you as a company to achieve this milestone?

For Greenland Ruby, it’s imperative that we stay true to our business principles. By achieving the RJC certification, we can prove that we do so, which is very important to us. The independent verification of our claims, especially by a reputable organisation like the RJC, assures us of our judgement. We expect the certification to have great value in our ability to cooperate with our stakeholders and customers, both locally and internationally.

How do you see sustainability evolving in the coloured gems market?

Greenland Ruby is the first colored gemstone mining operation that has become certified by the RJC, for which we are extremely proud. Despite the difficulties in this process, Greenland Ruby was able to comply with these standards quite efficiently, mainly due to our commitment to a responsible mining operation since the beginning.

Our company hopes to be able to set an example and lead the way for other miners and dealers to follow suit. It goes without saying that the colored gemstone market, like all other raw materials, is being scrutinized and consumers are demanding supply chain transparency when it comes to colored gemstone sourcing. Within a short time, the gemstone industry will need to respond to these requirements, or at least do as best they can, to be able to provide the consumer with the confidence they require. Consumers will rely on brands and manufacturers to have done their due diligence, and source their gems from a reputable source and chain of custody.

Colored gemstones are steeped in mystery – it is after all what makes them so intriguing, exciting and exotic. As an industry we will need to figure out how to remove the mystery, while keeping the mystique!

Also, we feel that coloured gemstone desirability these days is more than about aesthetics – it can also represent a positive footprint on the communities from which they originate. As such, all parts of the trade will have to adapt to this new kind of business, and the opportunities that such resources represent and how companies manifest themselves throughout these communities. It is not enough to have pure philanthropy anymore, but rather to invest in local sustainable community development. This in turn will add enormous value to coloured gemstones and their markets.

Could you tell us some more about The PinkPolar Bear Foundation and how it is generating impact?

The PinkPolarbear Foundation is Greenland Ruby’s CSR arm and was initiated by the company to support the communities in which we mine our gems. Every gem that Greenland Ruby sells contributes to the Foundation, which is concerned with International Polar Research into the effects of Climate Change and those affected by associated cultural changes. To date the Foundation has contributed to a sewing workshop near Aappaluttoq, as well as sponsoring 2 PHD Students from the University of Greenland, helping them fund part of their projects. It’s these efforts, no matter how small, that impact communities at the source of where gems are mined.

What’s next for Greenland Ruby?

  • To ensure our value chain even further by certifying our other offices/operations against the RJC’s COP (Paris, Bangkok, New York.)
  • To develop the sustainability of our community through partnerships for quality education, clean and affordable energy, and new business opportunities, creating shared value for all. This will be done by the continuation of the great work of our employees and partners, as well as creating new partnerships for change locally and internationally.
  • Striving to achieve and uphold the 17 SDG’s as set out by the United Nations.
  • Continuing to build the PinkPolarbear Foundation, with increased contributions and additional partnerships.


We welcome new ideas and input, so please do not hesitate to contact us, so we can go through this journey together. Send us an email at

Responses by CCO, Hayley Henning and Compliance Officer, Thorbjørn Friis

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