In conversation with… Jean-Christophe Babin

Jean-Christophe Babin – CEO – Bulgari

What is Bulgari's view on sustainability in the industry?

The link between luxury and sustainability has already begun a few years ago. There are many companies in different sectors that have understood how seizing the opportunity to embrace this value has positive repercussions for the planet and for sales. The pandemic has only accelerated paths in this direction and the target audience of many brands, the Z Generation for example that will be most influential in the future, reward brands that have a positive impact on the environment and society. On the contrary, it is evident that they are beginning to distance themselves from those who do not have a position on these issues. Therefore what was once unthinkable is now essential.

This is an important milestone, what is Bulgari's view on sustainability?

For Bvlgari, sustainable development and social responsibility translate into a constant commitment, aimed at improving the quality of life of the society in which we live through a proactive approach to ethical behavior, social and economic development and environmental principles, capable of involve both company employees and customers, the production chain and the community in general. Bvlgari is constantly committed to promoting correct ethical, social and environmental behavior through the continuous improvement of its activities.

Why are you as a CEO so driven toward sustainability?

When I started my career in Bulgari as CEO I was impressed and attracted by the manufacturing. The clever hands behind wonderful creations. Today I feel like saying that Bello e Benfatto is no longer enough. It is a start, but to arrive at what is beautiful and good, for people and for the planet. It is a challenge and its beauty lies in being able to talk about the brand and creations in a different way, showing corners never explored and reaching the customer through new channels. Today we feel closer than ever to the wishes of the end customer. We listen to him more carefully and are proud to be able to share what really interests him.

Do you also see your customers asking more questions on sustainability credibility?

Luxury in general has included the growing consumer demand for more sustainable luxury goods. Surely what a customer is looking for today comes from the desire for more durable and quality products. We no longer speak only of fashion and trends but of a real structural revolution.

What is Bulgari's next step on its sustainability journey?

In December 2020, pursuing even more ambitious targets, LVMH launched the new LIFE 360 program, a ten-year environmental performance roadmap for the LVMH Group setting three key deadlines – 2023, 2026 and 2030. LIFE 360 is focused on 4 strategic priorities: Creative Circularity, Transparency, Biodiversity and Climate. The program will guide Bulgari through constant improvements of its environmental performances for the creation of products in harmony with nature. More specifically Bulgari will be particularly focused on different activities starting from the Supply Chain Due Diligence on gold, diamonds and colored gemstones. We are planning to accelerate the achievement of key certifications (e.g. Responsible Jewellery Council Chain of Custody and Code of Practices; Leather Working Group; ISO 14001) across our value chain. We will focus on biodiversity through regenerative agriculture projects (e.g. Flower of Gems of India) and reforestation projects (e.g. support to Forestami in Milan area). We’ll invest in innovative technologies for the continuous improvement of environmental performances with a focus on our Stores. Furthermore, we are planning to implement Life Cycle Assessment analysis of our products and promote Circular Economy projects.

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