In Conversation With…Raj Mehta, Director at RosyBlue

Raj Mehta is Director at Rosy Blue NV.

Raj Mehta, a third-generation diamantaire with 30+ years in the diamond industry, transitioned from working at his family’s company, Diamond Cutters Antwerp, to leading the polished diamond division at Rosy Blue NV. Under his leadership, the division has become customer-focused and demand-driven, embracing sustainability and responsible business practices. Raj is actively engaged in industry initiatives like the SDG Taskforce by Responsible Jewellery Council and Watches and Jewellery Initiative 2030, benefiting the entire diamond jewellery sector.

As a founding member of the RJC, why do you think the work the RJC does is so important within the industry? 

The creation of the RJC brought the entire supply chain together. The RJC helps members to understand challenges and find solutions that the members of the supply chain can implement to improve transparency and enhance confidence in the industry among consumers and other stakeholders.

Designing and implementing a pioneering certification system based on a robust and credible set of standards was a critical starting point. The continuing work of improving and enhancing the system is of utmost importance.

How has a sustainable business strategy transformed the value of your company? Rosy Blue view of sustainability in the industry?

Rosy Blue’s sustainable business strategy has led to transformations throughout our operations: changes in the way we process our products from rough to polished, the evolution in the type of clients we have, a new approach to inclusivity and recruitment of talent, a new mindfulness of things like our carbon footprint, and the establishment of our charitable foundation to give back to our communities, just to name a few examples.

This is in no small part to having created a purpose-built department for CSR in 2005. The Sustainability and Compliance department is currently headed by Valerie Michel who is assisted by 13 members of staff from across the entire Rosy Blue Alliance.

A sustainability strategy is critical for the industry. One bad apple can destroy the reputation of this vulnerable industry. Therefore, we must work together towards best practices and sustainability. We must also communicate the positive developments that the trade is accomplishing.

We are also joining other platforms, such as WJI 2030, to complement our initiatives. All of these put together bring to us ideas, awareness, and they help us in being up to date with our sustainability goals.

What’s next for Rosy Blue? Is there a 5-year-plan?

We are dedicated to our clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders, so we will follow a path that brings us added value and allows us to be sustainable, and responsible corporate citizens.

In the next 5 years we will be working on reducing our carbon footprint in line with our SBTs, as well as pursuing SBTNs nature and biodiversity targets. We will implement DEI policies and metrics across our operations and focus on water impacts arising from the sourcing of key raw materials.

What advice do you have for new RJC members?

It is a long term investment and not an expense, and it will only help you to implement systems that are required today, for tomorrow.

Have you noticed an increase in consumers being concerned and interested in the sustainability promises made by businesses?

We have not noticed it directly since we are a mid-stream player. However, since we are active on many platforms, taking part in different workshops and taskforces, we are conscious of the fact that the new generations are interested in the sustainability promise. That said, we must remain  vigilant and ensure that consumers are aware of positive information in the industry. For example, natural diamonds bring a lot of advantages to the mining communities and have a great social impact.

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