In Conversation with…Umur Gençoglu, Board Member & Managing Partner at Mioro

Umur Gençoglu is Board Member and Managing Partner of family business, Mioro. Mioro is a prominent jewelry production company in Turkey. As the second generation in the family business, he has dedicated the past decade to working alongside his father and uncle, contributing to the continued success of the company. Umur is committed to carrying Mioro into the future and ensuring its prosperity for generations to come.

What drove you to join the Responsible Jewellery Council?

At Mioro, our dedication to innovation and sustainability has long been at the core of our mission. Even prior to our affiliation with the Responsible Jewellery Council, we upheld the principles and values of the RJC. However, our decision to join the RJC was driven by the recognition that it provided an ideal platform to consolidate all our sustainability efforts within a comprehensive framework, aligning them with our long-term strategy. Subsequently, as a member, we discovered the invaluable benefit of staying updated on industry developments and consistently refining our sustainability strategy accordingly.

Have you noticed a growing demand for traceability and transparency in the industry?

In the recent years we’ve witnessed a noticeable rise in customer awareness and expectations regarding traceability and transparency in the supply chain. We find this trend encouraging; and take pride in informing customers about our technologically advanced production facilities and the ethical working standards adhered to by our team of 500 dedicated employees. As a fully integrated company with over 90% of production in-house, our customers appreciate our commitment to ethical standards. We also ensure that all components and materials used in our production, especially gold, are sourced from responsible providers.

How do you see sustainability initiatives transforming the industry?

I’m always fascinated by the diversity within the jewelry sector. It’s an industry where both large factories and small workshops worldwide make valuable contributions. Wholesalers, retailers, and corporate entities function together. What’s most remarkable is the adaptability of all these stakeholders to the ever-evolving industry dynamics. Currently, sustainability initiatives in the industry are led by major producers and corporate clients. However, it’s noteworthy that businesses across the sector are swiftly following suit, leading to a substantial positive impact in forging a fully responsible jewelry supply chain.

What is next for Mioro?

At Mioro, we view our ability to create positive social and environmental impacts as a key differentiator. As a leading gold chain and fine jewelry producer, while quality and service remain top priorities, we recognise our responsibility to serve not only our customers but also our people and the planet. We’ve established dedicated teams in our factory for health, safety, and environmental initiatives; and have implemented custom-built infrastructure for water treatment, waste management, and chemical disposal to reduce our environmental footprint. We conduct internal and external audits to assess and improve our efforts continuously. In the short term, we plan to expand our internal training programs to address social and environmental challenges.

In the long term, we aim to increase our industry impact by actively engaging with regional NGOs, leading by example, and sharing our experiences. We understand that progress in the industry requires collective effort, and we’re committed to being the driving force for positive change.

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