In Conversation With…Wilasinee Sarntijaree, COO at Bowins Silver

Wilasinee was born into a family with a deep-rooted passion for jewellery. Following her graduation, she presented her family with a visionary proposal: to expand their family business vertically. Joined by her brother, Bowon Kittiwaytang, they heeded their father’s advice and founded Bowins Silver Limited in 2003. Today, their company stands as Thailand’s foremost importer and exporter of silver. As the Chief Operations Officer (COO) at Bowins Silver, Wilasinee oversees a spectrum of crucial functions including budgeting, procurement planning, logistics, accounting, and finance.  

What does ‘responsible business’ mean to you? How does this relate to Bowins Silver? 

To me, being a responsible business involves considering every facet of the business journey, including stakeholders in the supply chain, communities, and the environment. In today’s context, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments hold greater significance than ever. Our planet requires collective efforts, and Bowins Silver is dedicated to ensuring that every action we take contributes to the improvement of both our planet and the well-being of people. Our goal is to prioritise responsible business practice in all aspects of our operations. 

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What drove Bowins Silver to join the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC)? 

RJC is a globally recognized standard setting organisation. Being a committed member of RJC means that we are dedicated to adhering to world class standards, and we send a clear message to everyone in the industry that we believe in responsible business practices and sustainability. We truly believe that RJC membership will provide us with many exciting opportunities. We are proud to be a member. 

What changes do you wish to see in the industry? 

I sincerely hope to witness a growing emphasis on ESG from individuals in the industry. As mentioned previously, our planet requires the assistance of everyone. It’s essential to acknowledge that our industry holds significant influence on both the environment and communities.  

Do you have any advice for businesses/companies that wish to start or develop their sustainability journey? 

Initially, embarking on the journey towards sustainability was met with concerns among many of us. Questions arose about the potential complications and increased costs associated with this shift. However, as we delved into the path of sustainability, we discovered that it was about optimizing aspects that were already part of our work and daily lives. It involved enhancing our practices in ways we sometimes overlooked or never considered. Throughout this process, the pursuit of sustainability imparted a profound sense of meaning to our work, turning it into an amazing journey for me. 

images courtesy of bowins silver limited

What are the next steps for Bowins Silver Limited? 

Recently, we transitioned to our new office building and factory, and our current focus lies in implementing the strategies formulated during the design phase, while also adapting and enhancing them. The initial outcomes have been promising, but there is still more work ahead. Our overarching objective is to become a world-class leader in the silver bullion industry with a strong commitment to ESG principles. Our engagement with RJC has significantly broadened our perspective, and to underscore our dedication to responsibility, we will continuously refine our ESG practices and policies. We have established a medium-term goal to achieve a 50% reduction in our carbon footprint by 2030. 

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