Certified Members

A Certified Member has undergone independent, third party auditing to show that their business practices at all facilities within the Certification Scope conform to RJC’s Code of Practices for business ethics, human rights, social and environmental performance.  For the Code of Practices, RJC certifies Members rather than each separate facility, in order to encourage broader uptake of responsible business practices across all relevant facilities within a company.

Certification Scope:  Each RJC Commercial Member must include all the facilities that they own or control which contribute to the diamonds, gold and platinum group metals supply chain within their Certification Scope. Details on the Certification Scope for each Certified Member can be found by clicking on the individual Member link, and then clicking the link under ‘Certification Information’.

RJC welcomes inquiries and comments on Certification Scope of Members – please direct these to certification@responsiblejewellery.com

Any concerns about RJC Certified Members or Certification Scope can also be raised through the RJC Complaints  Mechanism.