RJC Certification

The RJC has two standards against which are members can be audited and certified:

Code of Practices (COP)

  • Provides a common standard for responsible business practices from mine to retail
  • Builds on and supports international standards and development goals
  • Applies to gold, silver, PGM, diamond and coloured gemstone supply chains (2019 COP)
  • Requires third-party auditing and is mandatory for all RJC members
  • Is designed to improve ethical, social, human rights and environmental conditions
  • Concerns management systems – auditing the responsible business practices of member companies
  • Mandatory for all members (within two years of joining)

Chain of Custody (CoC)

  • Concerns traceability and requires responsible business practices at each step in the jewellery supply chain
  • For members who work with precious metals only
  • Voluntary for members who wish to be certified

Got any questions?

The RJC has a dedicated training desk to help you understand the Certification journey and prepare for your audit. Simply call the RJC London office on +44 (0)207 321 0992 or click the button below to get in touch via email.


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