Step 3 – Reporting

Once your audit is completed you will receive an audit report from your auditor with details of the findings from your audit.

You are now given the opportunity to carefully review the report and clarify and queries about the findings with your auditor.

Please note that the audit report will need to record any non-conformances that your auditor raised during your audit. Even if the non-conformances were closed out post-audit, they will still need to be included in your audit report.

If you have any non-conformances, you'll need to develop a corrective action plan (CAP) for each non-conformance - this is required within one month of the audit. These will need to be:

  • realistic
  • fit for purpose
  • closed by your re-certification audit (if not, it will be escalated to a major non-conformance and you'll only be able to be RJC certified for one year).

Here is an example of what a corrective action plan needs to include:


Once you accept the findings, your auditor will send the RJC a summary report, which includes the audit findings and the auditor's recommendation for issuing an RJC certificate.

If you have any questions at all, please email training@responsibl​e​j​

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