Step 5 – Mid-term reviews (if required)

Here is an overview of a 3 year certification cycle, showing you when a mid-term review may be needed:

Please read our summary on what mid-term reviews are and what you have to do if you require one:

What is a mid-term review?
It’s an interim check of your conformance with the Code of Practices (COP) during the second year of your 3 year certification
Is a mid-term review mandatory for all members?
  • Your auditor will make the decision and let you know whether a mid-term review is required during your certification audit
  • The need for a mid-term review is determined by the auditor on a risk basis taking into consideration the results of the certification audit
  • However members can ask for a mid-term review if they make changes to or new provenance claims, or add new facilities to their Certification Scope
What happens if I don't complete my required mid-term review?
Don't complete required mid-term review
  • This means you will be in breach of your RJC certification requirements
  • Your RJC member page will be temporarily suspended until your mid-term review is booked with your auditor
  • If you fail to complete your mid-term review, your RJC membership may be resigned permanently
Will the auditor need to do another site visit for the mid-term review?
  • The auditor will decide whether the mid-term review can be done remotely via a desktop review (ie you send evidence to the auditor via email) or whether the auditor needs to visit your site again to look at evidence.
  • This depends on the reasons why the auditor has recommended you for a mid-term review.
Why might I need a mid-term review?
  • There are different reasons why you might need a mid-term review but the most common reasons are:
    • If there are any known changes to your certification scope, such as a change of location or you’re buying a company. The auditor will use the mid-term review to look at how these structural changes to your company will affect your ability to conform with the COP.
    • If several minor non-conformances were found during your audit. The auditor will use the mid-term review to check on your progress in addressing and closing the non-conformances.
  • To see the full criteria that auditors use to decide whether a mid-term review is required, refer to the RJC assessment manual
How will I know if I need a mid-term review or not?
  • The auditor will tell you during the certification audit if you need a desktop or site visit mid-term review, and the reasons why.
  • The “Statement of Conformance” in the audit report, and your RJC certificate will also tell you whether you need a mid-term review:

  • RJC will send you an email reminder about your deadline for completing the mid-term review process during the second year of your 3 year certification
What do I need to do in preparation of the mid-term review?
  • You’ll have to contact your RJC accredited auditor to organise and schedule the mid-term review, even if it is only a desktop review.
  • Review your audit report! This is crucial to help you understand why you’re having a mid-term review, what action you’ll need to take, and what evidence you’ll need to prepare for the review. Your auditor will also advise you of what will be covered during your mid-term review.
  • If you’re having a mid-term review because non-conformances were identified during the certification audit, you’ll need to close all non-conformances in preparation for the mid-term review –seek support from the RJC if you’re not sure how to do this, by emailing
  • If you’re having a mid-term review because of changes to your company, you’ll need to re-assess your company’s compliance with the COP, particularly for those parts of the business that have changed, or are new and take action to reach compliance.
  • Prepare the necessary documents and records as evidence of compliance with the COP for the auditor to review.
Do I have to use the same auditor?
  • No, you can use a different accredited auditor for your mid-term review. It is preferable however to use the same auditor, as using a new auditor may take longer (and therefore add cost to you) as they will need to familiarise themselves with your company and/or re-check elements from your initial audit. They’ll also need a copy of your previous audit report, which you’ll need to provide.
What happens next after the mid-term review is completed?
  • Your auditor will prepare a report on the results of the mid-term review which you’ll need to review and approve before they send it to the RJC
  • Please note that the audit report will need to record any non-conformances that your auditor raised during your audit. Even if the non-conformances were closed out post-audit, they will still need to be included in your audit report
  • RJC will then review the report and advise you by email of your successful completion of the mid-term review, and your continued certification.
How much will it cost?
  • You will need to get a quote from your auditor to determine cost, but please note that:
    • A mid-term review audit is usually shorter and therefore less costly than a ‘full’ audit
  • It can be limited to a desktop review, but sometimes requires on-site visits – either way this is identified in your audit report

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