Step 5 – Mid-term reviews (if required)

Here is an overview of a 3 year certification cycle, showing you when a mid-term review may be needed: Please read our summary on what mid-term reviews are and what you have to do if you require one:

What is a mid-term review?
Is a mid-term review mandatory for all members?
What happens if I don't complete my required mid-term review?
Will the auditor need to do another site visit for the mid-term review?
Why might I need a mid-term review?
How will I know if I need a mid-term review or not?
What do I need to do in preparation of the mid-term review?
Do I have to use the same auditor?
What happens next after the mid-term review is completed?
How much will it cost?

For more information or any questions relating to members, please contact the RJC on