RJC Standards Committee

The RJC Standards Committee is a multi-stakeholder group of 28, bringing jewellery supply chain mine to retail, human rights, labour rights, artisanal mining, responsible sourcing, community development, biodiversity and product disclosure expertise.

Committee Responsibilities and Duties

The RJC Standards Committee reviews and make recommendations on:

  • the design, implementation and continuous improvement of RJC Certification;
  • proposed changes to RJC Certification;
  • proposed changes to the formal documentation for RJC Certification, including assessment tools and treatment of non-conformances;
  • RJC’s Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) program;
  • the expansion of RJC Certification to other jewellery products and forms of assurance.

The Standards Committee also provides policy advice on the consultation and engagement of stakeholders during standards development activities.  The Committee’s full terms of reference are laid out in the RJC Governance Handbook.


The RJC Standards Committee is comprised of up to 28 Members: 14 industry representatives (two from each forum of the jewellery supply chain, and Members of the RJC) and up to 14 members representing various external stakeholders groups, of which 2 are permanent representatives from capacity building groups supporting artisanal and small scale mining and who the RJC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with – Diamond Development Initiative (DDI) and the Alliance of Responsible Mining (ARM).  We are grateful for the time and valuable contributions of all Standards Committee participants.

  • Ainsley Butler, Non-industry representative, (Standards Committee Co-Chair)
  • Anouchka Didier-Mansour, Cartier SA
  • Cecilia Gardner, Non-industry representative
  • Diana Culillas, Non-industry representative
  • Didier Backaert, Bonas & Co
  • Fabiana Di Lorenzo, Non-industry representative
  • Ian Rowe, Diamond Development Initiative International (DDI) (Permanent non-industry representative)
  • Natalia Zhulina, Alrosa Group
  • Jean-Baptiste Andrieu, Non-industry representative
  • Jean Claude Michelou, Non-industry representative
  • Jennifer Hillard, Non-industry representative
  • Joëlle Ponnelle, Donzé-Baume
  • Karla Basselier, Antwerp World Diamond Centre
  • Kesha Frank, Fair Trade Jewellery Company
  • Marianna Smirnova, Non-industry representative
  • Marijke Achten, HRD Antwerp NV
  • Phaedon Stamatopoulos, Argor-Heraeus SA
  • Purvi Shah, De Beers Group of Companies (Standards Committee interim Co-Chair)
  • Sara Yood, Non-industry representative
  • Stephane Fischler, International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA)
  • Tehmasp Printer, International Gemological Institute (IGI) India Pvt Ltd.
  • Yves Bertran, Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) (Permanent non-industry representative)

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the RJC Standards Committee meetings are made publicly available, with those from the previous three years available to download from this webpage. For older meeting minutes, these can be provided on request. Please contact the RJC: consultation@responsiblejewellery.com

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