RJC Association Membership

Why join RJC as an association?

  • Access to materials to use in educational activities within the membership.
  • Access to information on emerging issues and challenges the industry is facing.
  • Ability to demonstrate leadership in CSR and responsible sourcing issues to your membership.
  • A vehicle for developing practical solutions in consultation with industry, civil society and government.
  • Opportunities to contribute to and benefit from the various ongoing collaborations and engagements the RJC is involved in.


 You can join RJC if you are:

An association with members actively involved in the diamond, gold and platinum group metals jewellery supply chain. Association Members are not required to seek RJC certification.


Role and Commitment of Association Members

  • Support the Mission of the Council: “To advance responsible ethical, social and environmental practices, which respect human rights, throughout the diamond, gold and platinum group metals jewellery supply chain, from mine to retail.”
  • Promote RJC Membership and uptake of the RJC Code of Practices.
  • Educate your members about the ethical, social, human rights and environmental challenges that are faced by the diamond, gold and platinum group metals jewellery industry.
  • Comply with the Antitrust Policy and Rules adopted by the Council in its dealings with the Council and other Council Members.
  • Comply with the Rules adopted by the Council for the use of its logo and intellectual property – an Association Member is not entitled to authorize its individual members who are not RJC Members to use the Council’s logo or other intellectual property.


How to Apply

Follow these simple steps to join:


  1. Click on the image to download the Association Membership Application Form
  2. Submit the completed form to: applications@responsiblejewellery.com
  3. The application form is reviewed
  4. You will be contacted by the RJC Membership Coordinator who will explain the next steps
  5. If you have any questions on the application process please email: applications@responsiblejewellery.com




Re-joining RJC?
If you have previously been a member of the RJC and are considering re-joining, please click below:

Information about re-joining RJC

Association Membership Fees

Association Membership fess are set annually by the RJC’s elected Board of Directors. The current fees are:


Annual Membership Fee Rates

Great British Pounds Sterling – GBP £1,500
United States Dollars – USD $2,450


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