RJC member web pages

What are RJC member web pages?

Every business that becomes a member of the RJC receives a unique page on our website where we display information about their business and membership. These pages can be used to validate RJC certification status with business partners, suppliers and customers. Watch the short video below to understand more about this:


Outstanding membership fees and certification

If a RJC member company fails to pay their membership fee or achieve RJC certification by the required date, member company web pages will be suspended without notice. Members with suspended web pages will have six months to achieve certification or re-certification. If a member company has achieved certification or re-certification during this grace-period, their member page will become active again on the website. Any members who fail to achieve certification within this grace-period will automatically forfeit their RJC membership and certification status and will be resigned from RJC with immediate effect.

To ensure your member page remains active with the most up to date and relevant information, you simply have to pay your membership fees on time and achieve certification or re-certification within the required time. We recognise that sometimes circumstances enable unforeseen situations beyond our control so please refer to the information below to understand how this may impact your membership and certification status:


Your status RJC action Member action required
Within the initial two-year period of joining RJC No action Pay membership fee on time and achieve RJC certification within two years.
No overdue membership fee but overdue certification or re-certification RJC membership will be suspended and web page will not be publicly visible anymore. Achieve certification or re-certification within six months. Once certification has been achieved, the member page will be made visible again. Failure to do so will result in loss of RJC membership.
Overdue membership fee and overdue certification or re-certification Immediate resignation from RJC and the member page will be removed from the RJC website. Re-join with or without audit completed. Restrictions apply. Please read the Re-joining RJC policy.

It’s important to remember your membership with the RJC is a partnership and we aim to work closely with all our members to ensure they get the best out of their membership and certification.

To ensure we deliver efficient and stable services and remain up to date, please keep us informed of any changes to your business that will have an impact on your membership and certification by contacting the RJC Membership department on applications@responsiblejewellery.com.

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