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Become an RJC Supporter

A Supporter is an organisation that is not part of the jewellery supply chain from mine to retail, but which seeks to support RJC’s work through financial and/or in-kind support.

Supporters of the RJC play the very important role of extending the outreach of the RJC through disseminating information about the Council and its activities to their respective contacts and supporting its key activities.  RJC is particularly interested in hearing from financial institutions, media, trade fairs and similar who play a role in raising awareness and promoting improved practices for the jewellery supply chain.

Supporter Eligibility Requirements

  • Don’t meet the Commercial or Trade Association Membership Requirements
  • Are not part of the jewellery supply chain from mine to retail
  • Be exempt from the role of consultant, advisor, third party auditor or any other similar entity

RJC Supporter Benefits

  • Taking a leadership position in the industry by strongly demonstrating your commitment to corporate social responsibility.
  • Access to information on emerging issues and challenges the industry is facing.
  • A vehicle for developing practical solutions in consultation with industry, civil society and governments.
  • Participation in RJC meetings and outreach activities.
  • Use of the RJC logo in your communications and being listed on the RJC website and in the newsletter.

Interested organisations should apply via email and direct any questions to: applications@responsiblejewellery.com

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