RJC is developing case studies of Members’ experiences with the certification process, to identify lessons learned, benefits and impacts.  The first case studies were released in May 2012 and will continue to be developed to highlight different sectors, geographies and scale of business. Below you will find case-studies on RJC Certified Members:

Jewellery Retailer


BULGARI was founded in Rome in 1884 as a single jewellery store and has evolved into a global and diversified player in the luxury market.

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‘You discover aspects about your organization you have never known before, and quite often they are very positive things. And if you find critical issues, you have the right tool to fix them’. – Luisa la Via, CSR Director


Hamilton Jewelers

Hamilton Jewelers was founded in 1912 in Trenton, New Jersey. Since the beginning, the company has aimed to combine the characteristics of an international jeweller and the hospitality of a regional family business.

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‘Achieving RJC Certification was one of the most comprehensive projects of its kind that I have been involved in throughout my career but deeply satisfying knowing that we were prepared and do have the best practices in place that allowed us to achieve Certification for our company and our ownership family’. – Hank Siegel, President of Hamilton Jewelers

Harriet Kelsall Jewellery Design Ltd

Harriet Kelsall Jewellery Design is a UK bespoke jewellery design company specialising in engagement rings, wedding rings, commitment rings and eternity rings as well as jewellery for other memorable occasions.

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We can’t describe how great it feels to have held every aspect of your business up and checked you are doing everything right – it feels empowering!’ – Harriet Kelsall, Managing Director



Jewellery Manufacturer or Wholesaler


PANDORA was founded in 1982 and designs, manufactures and markets hand-finished and modern jewellery made from genuine materials.  Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, the company employs over 6,000 people worldwide of whom 4,000 are located in Bangkok, Thailand, where the company manufactures its jewellery.

‘The certification process – and in particular the self-assessment conducted at PANDORA markets all around the world – has been an excellent chance for PANDORA to benchmark our internal procedures with the standards adopted by other responsible companies in the industry.’ – Claus Teilmann Petersen, Vice President, Group CSR

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Allgemeine Gold – und Silberscheideanstalt AG

Allgemeine Gold‐ und Silberscheideanstalt AG was founded in 1891 as a joint stock company in Pforzheim, at the hub of the German jewellery and watchmaking industry. For over a century the company has specialised in the recovery of precious metals and in manufacturing precious metal products.

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‘As confidence and sustainability are one of our core values, it is important to continually meet the customers’ high demands’
– Jens Ziegler, Senior Sales Manager Lifestyle Products

Legor Group S.p.A.

Legor was incorporated in 1979.  The spirit of its co- founder, the current Chairman Gianni Poliero, and the entry into the management of his son Massimo in 1991, grew the business from being a small, craft enterprise to a worldwide leader in the production and sale of master alloys for the gold and silver sectors. Capture Legor

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‘Respect – of People, of the Environment and of Regulations – is the fundamental value entrusted by all Legor Group Companies. It indeed mirrors our desire to return ‘what has been borrowed from our children’, as quoted in an ancient American native proverb. The RJC certification confirms all our beliefs and efforts for a better future’ – Massimo Poliero, CEO of Legor Group S.p.A.

Progold S.p.A.

Progold imageProgold S.p.A. was set up in 1997 for the production and sales of master alloys for goldsmith and silversmith and quickly became a reference point within the sector. Progold’s Corporate Core business is the production of master alloys, from investment casting to plastic deformation and all applications, highlighting the main physical, chemical, mechanical and technological features.

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“Progold believes that only awareness and well mastered practices can give a real contribution to sustainable development, encouraging all stakeholders to do more than simply respecting the law. The development which meets our present needs must not undermine the possibility of meeting the needs of future generations,” –  Damiano Zito, CEO of  Progold S.p.A.

Diamond Trader

Pala Diamond Co.

photo 1

Pala Diamond Co. is a small diamond trading company based in London, specialising in perfectly calibrated small top make diamonds. Founded by Himesh Pala in 2010, the company offers their clients precision calibrated goods, high quality control with a highly effective personal service. Pala Diamond Co. engage with diamond manufacturers in Belgium, India and China to source high calibre diamonds delivering a consistently reliable product.

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“Being an RJC Member opens many doors. I believe the RJC is a collection of exceptional businesses that are on the same page with regards to ethical and responsible trading – engaging with these businesses adds to our network” – Himesh Pala, CEO, Pala Diamond Co.


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