Code of Practices Review

We are now reviewing our Code of Practices (COP), the standard against which all RJC members must be certified. This is anticipated to run until December 2018.

This is the second review of the COP which was last updated in 2013. Stakeholder input is a crucial part of the review and we invite all interested parties to provide feedback. There will be at least two rounds of formal public consultation, starting with Comment Period 1 (see below) that will run for 60 days. Workshops, webinars and specific topic related sessions will also be held throughout the review.

If you are a RJC member, or an existing stakeholder on our ‘interested parties’ list, you will be informed of public comment periods on the COP review by email. Otherwise, please sign up to the RJC communications mailing list to receive regular updates on opportunities for input.

Comment Period 2 – Proposed Changes – April 2018 to July 2018

This comment period is to invite input on the proposed changes to the COP standard from all interested parties. These are outlined in the Proposed changes document, available below to download.

Click here to view the Public Summary document on the proposed changes to the COP


Comment Report for comment period 2 – A summary of all comments received – click here to download

Download summary notes from the April 2018 round 2 COP review consultation workshops here. Presentation slides for these workshops are available on request by sending an email to

Round 2 Consultation Webinar

Click below to watch the round 2 consultation webinar on the proposed changes to the COP. This webinar was hosted on 17 May 2018.

Watch the round 2 consultation webinar here.

Download the round 2 consultation webinar slides here.

 Comment Period 1 – Review of Scope – July 2017 to August 2017

The comment period is to invite input from all interested parties on the proposed process, scope and timelines for the review of the COP standard. This is outlined in the Public Summary document which can be downloaded here.

Comment Report for Comment Period 1 – A Summary of all Comments Received – Click here to download

Watch the round 1 consultation webinar here:

Download the round 1 consultation webinar slides here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on the + to view the answer to the most frequently asked questions below:

Why is the RJC reviewing the COP?
To ensure that the COP remains relevant and reflects good sustainability practices in the jewellery supply chain. We review our standards at least once every 5 years, which is in line with ISEAL Alliance Codes of Good Practice.
What is the scope of change?
Key topics for review are outlined in the Public Summary document. There will be some changes to the provisions/requirements within the COP, other changes will be to the guidance document only. An update of the COP’s harmonisation with other relevant standards will also be carried out.
How will the RJC carry out the review of the COP?
Oversight of the review and decision-making lies with the multi-stakeholder Standards Committee. The consultation process includes at least two public comment periods in addition to targeted outreach to specific stakeholder groups. See the Public Summary for more information.
I am due to conduct my COP audit soon. How will the review affect me?
Please continue with your plans. Certification against the revised COP will not be possible until it has been approved and finalised. This is anticipated to be at the end of 2018. Once the revised COP is final, there will be an appropriate phase-in period to allow members to transition to the new version of the standard. The details pertaining to the phase-in period will be communicated to members in due course.


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