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Latest opinion, analysis and discussion with a focus on responsible business, strategic partnerships and sustainable supply chains, from Responsible Jewellery Council and guest thought leaders from around the world.

An Intro To...
An Introduction to… Human Rights

Human rights is an issue of tremendous importance and vast impact — affecting everyone, regardless of age, race, location or wealth.

Have a read on how you could make changes within your own business to help put people and planet first and create a better and fairer future for all.

An Intro To...
An Introduction to the Responsible Jewellery Council

It seems today that wherever you look, there is a need for us all to take sustainability to a bigger and more impactful place. Whether through electric car adverts, global protests on climate change, or boycotts of products created through abuse of human rights – we now live in a world where sustainability is a “must do,” rather than a nice to have.

At the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC), we get it, and we are here to help.

In Conversation With
In Conversation with… Pamela Fierst-Walsh

In conversation with Pamela Fierst-Walsh, Senior Advisor on Conflict and Critical Minerals and US representative to the Kimberly Process at the US State Department

OpEd | Leading with purpose: The jewellery industry beyond COVID-19

I was very pleased to host a diverse group of jewellery industry experts and sustainability leaders at our JCK Virtual special edition RJC Leadership Panel. We discussed the relationship between responsible business and resilient business, particularly in times of crisis and uncertainty such as we are facing now.